How much spending money should I bring with me?
That’s up to you. The use of traveler’s checks or gift cards (AMEX, VISA, MC) is recommended. Get these cashed each day at the hotel’s cashier desk; be sure to have identification. You will only need money for meals not included in the package and miscellaneous items such as snacks and souvenirs.

How many staff members will there be on the trip?
Varsity will provide one staff buddy for every 25 performers.

How often will I receive updates?
We try to communicate regularly with all attendees. Most of the communication will come through email or our Facebook page. If you’re not receiving emails or have additional email addresses you’d like added to our distribution list then email me at jcalitri@varsity.com.

My coach is coming to Florida as a spectator. Can he/she attend practice? Can my parents?
In order to eliminate all distractions our rehearsals are closed to all spectators. This will hopefully allow us to streamline practices which in turn should allow for more time in the parks!

What happens if I get injured or become ill during the event?
We will have first aid staff on duty throughout the event. Additional medical treatment is at the expense of the participant.

Can we purchase the Disney Dining Plan?
Disney Youth Markets does not offer a dining plan for attendees with our ticket packages.

I’d like to book FastPasses before arrival. How can I do that?
New this year! Upon request, we will be able to send park tickets starting around early to mid-September for those attendees paid in full (an additional shipping charge will apply to have tickets shipped early). Please keep in mind once you receive the park tickets you cannot upgrade or cancel your tickets from that point.